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Visit Corsica – 5 places not to be missed !

Visit Corsica with a professional guide - 5 places to discover

With its turquoise water, various landscapes and its gastronomy, Corsica is an earthly paradise. To make your trip unforgettable, the French Guides have prepared a selection of the 5 best places to make the most of the island: Bastia, Ajaccio, Calvi, Bonifacio, and Ile Rousse Island.

Visit Corsica : 5 must-see places


Visite Guidée Bastia, Guide Bastia, Guide Conférencier Bastia, Visite Bastia
Bastia Corsica, Visit Corsica

Bastia, which is one of the most important cities on the island emerged in the 14th Century. Numerous religious brotherhoods marked the history of the city, and an intense cultural life was able to develop through the centuries. Follow the guide to discover all the resources of the capital of “Haute Corse”: its ancient port, its lovely and colourful frontage, its Baroque style, Napoleon Street etc… Don’t miss the Governor’s Palace, Romieu’s garden, and Saint Marie’s Cathedral!

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Guide Ajaccio

What would Corsica be without Ajaccio, the chief town in southern Corsica? Founded by Genoa in 1492, Ajaccio owns a breathtaking natural site… it has an important history which has been marked, for example, by the family of the famous Bonaparte.  Napoleon himself was born there in 1769. Whilst introducing you to the wonderful back streets which are just as colourful as the ones in Bastia, your tour guide will enable you to discover many great places: Bonaparte’s Museum, and the Cathedral of “Notre Dame de la Miséricorde”, the Fosh Square, and finally, the Lantivy’s Palace will soon have no more secrets for you.

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Guide Bonifacio
Visit Bonifacio Corsica, Visite de Bonifacio, Guide Bonifacio

First of all, Bonifacio has a Roman Style, thanks to bronze and silver medals which were found by archaeologists. These bore the images of many famous figures such as Antonin Le Pieu or Marc Aurèle.

It is also a medieval town, and originally it was almost impossible to capture.  In the second half of the 13th Century, Genoa strengthened the defenses of the city with the construction of a fort and a 2 kilometer long bulwark. In the 15th Century, Bonifacio was invaded by Aragon’s King, but the inhabitants revolted against him and successfully regained their freedom.

Then, in the 20th century, Bonifacio developed itself thanks mostly to agriculture. But because of a disease called phylloxera, the local vines were very badly damaged. So nowadays, it is tourism that makes the town shine. Follow a guided tour to learn more about the Citadel and its other unusual places such as Roy Aragon’s stairs…

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Calvi Corsica, Calvi Tour Guide, Calvi walking tour

In the 5th Century, Calvi went through invasions by Barbarians, and those people caused the destruction of the village Centre. After that, the history of the town was marked by numerous sieges until the 13th century.

The inhabitants then asked Genoa for help to protect themselves, and a citadel began to be built. In the 15th century. Calvi rose against the people of Aragon, who had taken over over Bonifacio.

In order to learn the thrilling history of the city, and discover the main details of buildings such as Saint Jean Baptiste’s Cathedral, the Salt Tower or Quay Landry, book a Tour with a professional tour guide.

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Excursion Ile Rousse
Visite de l'Ile Rousse, Guide Ile Rousse

After the fall of the Roman Empire in 476, Ile Rousse Island became an easy target for attacks. Until the 15th Century, the town had been inhabited by a composite population made up of fishermen, farmers, and even some corsairs!

In the 17th Century, the inhabitants, dispersed over the area, federated around Ile Rousse Island in order to create a merchants place:  to reach their goal, they united with other coastal villages.

One of the most important merchant families, the Fabianis, erected a tower, initially named Scalu tower.

To discover all the secrets of Ile Rousse Island and admire the architectural heritage such as the Church of the Immaculate Conception or the covered market, book a visit with the Guides of France.

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