Things to do in Marseille : The must-sees !

Things to do in Marseille : The must sees !

Located in the south of France, Marseille is a captivating city with a rich history, a huge cultural activity and beautiful panoramas of the Mediterranean sea.

Marseille offers a lot of beautiful districts like the Panier which is the oldest district of the city, The Corniche Kennedy : a long walk around the sea between the Old Port and the Prado Beaches or the Vauban district above which is perched the famous basilique of Notre Dame de la Garde.

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Have a walk through the old city : The Old Port and the Panier district

The Old Port is the heart and soul of Marseille. It’s probably one of the most famous port in France. The old port is located in the heart of city center next to the Panier district, the Canebière and the shopping streets. 

There are a lot of restaurants, coffee shop and bars on the docks. The terraces offer a nice panorama overlooking the boats. 

The Old Port hosts a fish market every mornings. It’ a thing to do if you want discover the real atmosphere of Marseille. Everyday, fishermen sell the fish they caught early morning. There are usually good deals to do and a  lots of entertainment.

After the walk in the Old Port and the visit of the fish market you have to go on the Panier district. The most ancient district of Marseille is very charming with its streets with colourful houses, sunny squares and craft shops. There is also a lot of street art in the Panier. You can go to some local restaurants and coffee shops !

You need to book a room in Marseille ? There are a lot of beautiful and luxurious hotels next to the Old Port and the Panier. 

For instance, you can stay at the Intercontinental Hotel Dieu a 5 stars hotel. The hotel offers rooms with view on the old Port and the Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica, a gourmet restaurant and a spa.

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Things to do in Marseille : discover the Notre-Dame de la Garde basilica

Notre-Dame de la Garde is probably the most famous monument in Marseille ! The monument holds a special place in the heart of the city habitants. Known loccaly as “La Bonne Mère” it’s a significant religious site and a symbol of protection for fishermen and generally for the people of Marseille. 

Notre-Dame de la Garde is oerched on the highest natural point in Marseille 150 meters above sea level. The basilica offers stunning panoramic view of Marseille and the Mediterranean Sea.

The basilica was constructed between 1852 and 1864 under the direction of french architect Henri-Jacques Espérandieu. The interior is richly decorated with mosaics and marble. Atop the belle tower, there is a monumental statue of the Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus. This statue in gold is visible form many districts of Marseille.

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Things to do in Marseille : The Corniche and the famous Vallon des Auffes

Corniche Kennedy is a scenic seaside road along the Mediterranean coast. There is a huge walk next to the road which people can admire the sea, enjoy the sun and see the Frioul Archipelago and the famous Château d’If, the castle of the Alexandre Dumas novel “Le comte de Monte Cristo”.

Along the Corniche, you’ll find several beaches like the Prophète or the Plage des Catalans. 

An another charming place you must discover beneath the Corniche ? The Vallon des Auffes ! It’s a picturesque fishing port witg traditional fishing boats, colorful little houses and seafood restaurants.

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Taste some local foods

Marseille has several food specialities you must try ! There is a rich culinary tradition. Here are some of the most iconic specialities of Marseille. 

Bouillabaisse is the most famous dish from Marseille. It’s a traditional fish tew. Originally, this speciality was made fy fishermen using unsellable fish cookes vith tomatoes, onioons and garlic. Now, the Bouillabaisse is served on many restaurants with rouille, a garlicky mayonnaise sauce and crusty bread.

Pastis is an anise-flavored spirit that is very famous in Marseille. It’s the popular aperitif with a milky white color. You have to diluted Pastis with water. You can enjoyed it in the afternoon  or before a meal.

?Navettes are biscuits flavored with orange blossom water. These sweets biscuits are traditionally enjoyed during the Candlemas Festival (la Chandeleur) but you can found them in bakeries throughout the year. The distinctive flavor of orange blossom make them a unique Marseille speciality !

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